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Russian as a foreign language

The Right Russian language

Let’s face it, foreign folks: to finesse Russian language is a formidable challenge. And you’re not alone – many natives don’t realize that what they speak is ersatz Soviet argot rather than noble Russian.

Despite a plethora of options to study Russian in the US, almost all of them take a rookie the wrong way – as they do at the CIA, State Dept and the Pentagon, force-feeding and brainwashing a linguistic victim with bastardized versions of cartoonish Hollywoodish or Brighton Beach Russki.

If you fancy that top US Universities offer the best if not the most expensive method to master the tongue, don’t hold your breath: the former US National Security Adviser Condi Rice has gotten a legit PhD in Russian language from Stanford, but her ability to confab with native speakers is a crying shame! Ditto diplomats, spooks and other legal aliens on TDY in Moscow.

Alas, ‘total immersion’ in Russia with native-speaking tutors is not a silver bullet either: most of them have no clue about the crucial difference in pronunciation between native & foreign tongues because Russian teachers have never been trained in…Russian orthoepy since Bolsheviks coup in 1917!

SupremeLearning™ Russian Language Master Class for Foreigners led by Michael Shestov is one of a kind unconventional system that will detox your mind from madrasa rote learning, supercharge your memory and rewire your articulation from Ridiculous Russki into Respectful Russian.

If you wanna stick out from the crowd and master impeccable blue-blood aristocratic Russian (without French accent) you’re just one click away:

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